I See You Baby, Shakin' that... Spin Class, It's All About the Music

There are two things that get me through a spin class: determination and music. To get fully in the zone, I need explosive house music blasting through the room and use the climaxes of the beats to bring me back to focus whenever I may drift off.  Tonight, I tried a new instructor at Club H Fitness and she played Z100's Top 100.  I was ready to walk out until she introduced a dance... It was too good.  The song, "I See You Baby, Shakin' That Ass," came on and she instructed us to all run standing off of our bikes (in position two for those of you spinners) and when the chorus came on, "I see you baby, shakin' that ass..." we had to bend over on the handle bars (into position three) and pretend we were shaking our asses.  No lie.  I wish I captured it on video.

The first time the chorus came on all 30 of us or so participated.  The second time the chorus came on however, four of the nine guys stayed standing straight up.  I knew it. Too cool for school.  Once they realized they looked stupider standing while we were all hunched over shaking our asses, they joined right back in.  Yes, spin class made fun without house music.  I didn't think it was possible.

Truth is, in spin class you'll work up to seven percent harder when listening to music synched to your pedal stroke, according to a study by Costas Karageorghis, Ph.D.  The faster the beat, the faster you'll pedal.  Makes sense right?  For me, it's all about adrenaline.