Fitness Confession: I'm A P90X Drop Out and I Think You'll Understand Why

I don't know what happened.  I only lasted three weeks!  Three intense weeks of moving my ottoman from my living room into the hallway of my tiny studio apartment to create enough space for about four tight banana rolls (these redic ab exercises where you lay on the floor and roll in the shape of a banana, yea, those) to kick my own butt in P90X.  It wasn't that it wasn't working, because in those three dedicated weeks I already saw resultes.  So what was my problem?  I became a hermit!

Guys, as you're aware, I work from my studio apartment where I live with my boyfriend and then I also made it my gym.  Live, work, eat, sleep, breath, gym!  I literally never had to leave!  I began talking to Tony Horton more often than I should have...

Therefore, I began incorporating P90X workouts into my lifestyle.  I love going to the gym and working out around motivating people.  I love taking fitness classes from SoulCycle to Cardio Pump and Yoga.  Origionally I said P90X isn't for everyone as it's intense and you need to be dedicated.  I was able to dedicate myself to the series of workouts daily and keep up with the intensity, but the program wasn't for me.  I'm a people person.  I thrive off of life and being around others.  Now, I go about my daily routine and enjoy my gym and classes and do a P90X video here and there on a day I don't feel like going to the gym.  It's a supplement to my regular workouts, not my sole workout.

I still encourage any of you who may be looking to switch up your regimen to invest in the program, but my experience is just something to think about.  It definitely proved results quickly, but if you're anything like me, you may go stir crazy!