First Look at Pure DKNY A Drop of Rose

When my doorman hands me all of my packages at the end of the day and one of them happens to be from DKNY, I can't contain my excitement and peek inside before even getting upstairs into my apartment.  This time, it was a bottle of Pure DKNY A Drop of Rose.  I found out it was coming out about two months ago during a meeting with the brand and have been eagerly awaiting it's arrival since the origional Pure DKNY is one of my daily go-tos.  With it, came the note above, pretty spesh! I'm very picky about fragrances I actually wear.  Similar to Pure DKNY a Drop of Vanilla, this is a light daytime fragrance.  It's delicate and romantic, not your grandmother's rose.  The roses are harvested each summer in the Anatolian flower fields of the Isparta valley of Turkey.  The process is strict as the flowers are handpicked right before dawn and about 2,500 tons of petals are brought by truck to a distillery.  The fragrance ends up being the purest form of rose. DKNY is known for helping to improve the lives of women through creating and selling their Pure fragrances and this one is no different.  They have a partnership with CARE, which helps  lift women out of global poverty.