I Attempted A Fiber Cleanse with Usana Reset

I've been toying with the idea of doing a cleanse again (I've tried Organic Avenue in the past), but can't bring myself to commit.  I think it's partially because of all of the industry events I'm attending with great dinners and wine and partially because my boyfriend and friends wouldn't allow me to miss out on my social life that pretty much revolves around eating and drinking.

Last week I received a fiber cleanse in the mail by Usana called Reset.  I starred at it.  The word "reset" was starring back at me.  The claim: "Lose five pounds in five days." Hmmm... I with the way I've been indulging lately and the holidays coming up, it's tempting.  I'm a vegetarian – no meat or fish and work out regularly.  I'm in pretty good shape, but like any girl would change a thousand things if I could.

So I started this five day cleanse.  It consists of three shakes and two snack bars per day, along with an am and pm pack of pills that I'm deathly afraid of plus eating lots of fruits and veggies.  I can do this.

Well after two days I gave up.  It wasn't this cleanse that I couldn't do, but I had the same side effects as any cleanse of feeling weak and tired and having occasional headaches that I couldn't put up with.  I'm in need of constant energy and after two days of cleansing I was drained.  I guess if you're going to commit to a cleanse you need to be prepared to lay low for the time.  I can never lay low!