Festival Inspired Beauty Looks to Rock All Summer Long

Just because Coachella has come and gone doesn’t mean we have to say goodbye to all of it’s awesome beauty looks. No matter how far out there some may seem, there are more realistic ways to wear them.  Here are some of our favorite beauty looks from this year’s festivals with some tips and tricks on how to get them— Some crazy, some simple, but of course, all gorgeous.  Hey, you can rock these festival inspired beauty looks all summer long.

Colored Hair

Channel your inner Lauren Conrad and rock a subtle hint of pink lowlights... or purple, or green, or red or whatever color you want. To achieve a subtle look, pull out small sections of hair from underneath, and use hair chalk instead of dye to get as bright of the color a you desired.

Mismatched Nails

Can’t chose what color to paint your nails? No need to! Combine multiple bright colors within the same vibrancy to give of a youthful, carefree vibe. The more mismatched the colors, the better. That way its obvious it was done on purpose.

The Flower Crown

Flower crowns are an essential festival accessory and can also be great for summer party. However, size does matter when it comes to bringing them home. Just make sure it stays as an accessory and doesn't overpower your head.  Remember, you're not wearing a costume.  You just want it to be nice accent to your look.

Flower Braid

This is cute, different and above all, simple. Woven in and out of a small crown braid, it adds just a hint of an accent to an otherwise simple day-to-day look. You can take two pieces and braid them into your hair, than you can use them to tie the sides together and let them fall in the back with the pony.

Face Jewelry

We love this look.  Love, but you should definitely keep the press on rhinestones to side for music festival outings.  If you want to sport this same sparkly crown look for an average summer day, try wearing a thin, delicate head wrap for the same effect.

So, we basically stalked Coachella, and definitely plan on embracing some of these looks as the weather warms up.  Which festival inspired beauty look is your favorite?