The "It" Dress of Fall, Trust Me

Ladies, this dress is no joke.  How do I know?  I wore it – through a hotel lobby, on a TV segment, wheeling my carry on through an air port and on a plane and to say it gently – it was a head turner.  Head turner is putting it lightly.  It was a conversation starter. That's why I have to share it with you.  Whether your attached or single it's definitely worth the investment.  "Thank you for making my day," one 30 something year old man said to me as I was paying for my Starbucks in the Tampa airport.  All because of the dress!

Structured, with big frilly shoulders, hugs at the waistline and finishes with a tulip skirt.  So who makes it?  French Connection.  It's the Wendy Cotton V Neck Dress.  I wore it with black patent leather peep toes and a small diamond studs.  It was right.

Another man, a clean cut Floridian walked over to me as I was on my laptop waiting for my flight to tell me he watched me walk across the airport and it was nice to see a woman dressed so "sexy yet classy."  The dress is a male magnet.  Invest ladies, invest!