Fall Must-Have: Votre Vu Bebe Duette

Most of the time when I come across two-in-one beauty products I find that I like them for one reason, but wouldn't really use them for the other. Recently I was sent Votre Vu Bebe Duette Luxe Lips and Tarte D' Amande, which is the simpliest of all two-in-one's, yet genius!  I don't know any woman who wouldn't use it. It's a tube of rich almond scented hand cream with a cap that contains a super nourishing lip balm made of coconut oil, shea butter and beeswax. Bonus – the top of the cap has a tiny mirror inside!

I'm obsessed with moisturizing and know this will be in my handbag all Fall and Winter.  You can get it on votrevu.com as a package of two for $39.50.