A New Wave in Hair Accessories: Crystal, Tinsel and Feathers

The words "hair accessory" are taking on a whole new meaning.  Inspired by some of our favorite rockstars creative hair 'do's , Rihanna, Lady Gaga and Katy Perry, we can now experiment with our locks in brand new ways.  Great Lengths recently introduced Swarovski Crystal Extensions and feather and tinsel hair extensions are also all the rage. "Women are seeing celebrities experiment with their hair and think it's beautiful and attainable," commented Jan Marie Marteca of the Ted Gibson Salon.  "They're going to start to embrace everything from pastel pink highlighted extensions to pops of tinsel."

The Swarovski crystal extensions last as long as regular Great Length extensions (about three to four months) and are bonded to your hair.  I first saw the feather hair extension while at the Sundance Film festival and think it looks best when the feather is the same tone as your hair.  For instance, if you have brown hair, go with a brown feather so it blends nicely and acts as an accent and doesn't look cheesy.

Beyonce sported gold tinsel at the Grammys this year and Jan spotted tinsel extensions at this year's Hair Show. They're finely knotted around a few strands of your hair and last a few weeks.  The accent may look cute for a special occasion (Grammys anyone?).