Express Yourself: Let Your Individuality Shine

Remember the Seinfeld episode when Elaine bumped into an old high school friend, Sue Ellen Mischke (played by Brenda Strong), and gave her the nickname “the braless wonder” because she never wore a bra? And then Elaine decided to gift her a bra in hopes she’d start wearing one, but Sue Ellen decided to rock it alone with just an open blazer over it…

This made me start thinking of societal norms of what happens when people break boundaries.  Sometimes it seems as though people are willing to go through a cookie cutter factory just to fit in with their peers.  A good example of this is in a majority of reality TV shows where all the girls have caked on make up, sport the same hair style (the pouf?) and wear Ed Hardy inspired clothing… can I say MTV’s The Jersey Shore? 

Of course a group of friends or coworkers may be inspired by the same people, designers, places and things, but how you pull yourself together each day should tell your story, who you are, making your style unique. The same can apply to your make up. Gwen Stefani’s signature look is the cat-like black eyeliner and red lips and Kim Kardashian’s smokey eyes and glossy lips are her beauty staples, but you can find ways within your own beauty routine to make them work for you by playing with colors and formulas.  The options are endless.

As long as you’re confident with your unique fashion or beauty statement, who knows maybe you’ll start a trend sort of like the infamous Rachael haircut.  I was always taught it’s not what you wear but how you wear it. It might not be accepted at first but then again when do any of the masterpieces get instant acceptance. Did you know that Picasso’s art wasn’t acknowledged until roughly 30 years later and now he is considered one of the first modern artist?

Now dish: How do you show off your personality?