Expert Tips from Tibi's Backstage Dream Team

Ever since I can remember I have been in love with Tibi dresses. I could barely wait to cover backstage at Tibi’s Spring/Summer 2011 collection this season. Every fashionista knows their bright colors and patterns already make a fashion statement. To accompany the designs, stylist chose natural hair, makeup, and nails to keep the models looking glamorous, but allowing the clothes to take center stage. With expertise advice from the pros, you will soon be able to get the look of the runway in a few easy steps. The hair was clean and simple. The models all showed off their perfect ponytails with center parts, and by following these tips from Frank Rizzien of R Session Tools, and lead stylist Kevin Ryan you can get the look too. Start by having the perfect blow dry, the secret is not only brushing your hair, but combing all your hair as well. Make sure all the knots are removed so that the hair will flow. One of Rizzien’s favorite products to use then is Aveda’s Universal Styling Cream to seal in moisture. Also R Session Tools’ round large barrel brush provides easy access, which is 100% boar, has clear single nylon bristles, and a removable pick to section your hair. This will help create volume and bounce. Next, spritz L’Oreal Ellnett Satin Hairspray at the roots of your hair and flatiron straight.  Finally, tie your hair in a ponytail.

Makeup was done by the one and only Bobbi Brown. "I love doing makeup for the clothes that I love," she remarked.  Her inspiration for this season was for it to be a “pretty season,” wanting every woman in the audience to want the look of the models. Bobbi created a radiant face that is finished in a natural way. One standout feature was the cheeks. By using Bobbi Brown’s Highlighter Pen in Pink all over the cheek instead of a highlighter creates a softer look. The eyes were magnificent; Bobbi Brown’s Long Wear Gel eyeliner was used in black ink, and her Kohl Eyeliner, a shadow liner in plum orchid was used depending on the model’s skin color and eye shape. Lots of mascara was used to give definition to the lashes. The lips had a nice natural lip color that was very settle.

Pattie Yankee lead Dashing Diva manicurists and she shared a few secrets to get the perfect manicure at home. The number one rule is always use nail polish remover first to remove natural oils. Then, use a base coat and apply two thin coats.  "You must finish with a good top coat," she strongly suggested.  Try Dashing Diva’s Debutante nail color that was used at this year’s show on both nails and toes.

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If you could have a dream team of primpers who would they be?