Experience the First Lush Spa in the US

Lush is opened their first spa in the US this week on the Upper East Side of NYC and I got a sneak peek of what's in store.  Let me tell you, it's much more than I expected. Since Lush is know to be a vegetarian/vegan brand, I thought it would be a typical spa that uses their own products to please those who are anti-chemical.  Well, I was proved wrong.  Each treatment involves a choreographed experience that merges your senses taking you from one mental state to another.  It's unbelievable.

Located on the second floor right above a Lush store, there are only four treatment rooms in a very cozy environment.  The decor was brought over from antique shops in England to create a traditional English feel and of course, Lush products are used.

Music was composed by Simon Emmerson specifically for the treatments to  enhance the mood and a behavioral therapist helped create the treatments to "pick you up in one place and drop you off in another," explained Susan Rotante, Lush's PR rep.

I scheduled an appointment for their signature massage, the Synesthesia. Inspired by a neurological condition in which the senses merge (yes, people can see music and hear color), I watched a therapist preform it on a client.  It was as if I was watching a ballet and the client was part of the performance.  She was being played as if she was a grand piano.  Picture a transformative, graceful experience through a full body massage with medium pressure.  The therapist was actually flowing to a choreographed movement across the body.  

You tailor your treatment with your massage therapist using 11 emotional states like energize, relax, confidence and motivation to name a few.  Using a combination of oils for scent, the right lighting, flow of a massage and music your senses merge throughout the treatment and in minutes, you find yourself in a different state of mind that, unlike in other spas, doesn't always need to be relaxed.

The Lush Spa will be located at 783 Lexington Ave. NYC and the Synesthesia treatment costs $230.