Exotic Bush Trimming

Whether your a fan of shaving or waxing, I'm sure most of you would agree that maintaining a level of neatness down there is a necessity, but are guys thinking the same way?

In the beginning of the year Schick released a commercial called "Mow the Lawn" to promote their new Quattro for Women TrimStyle razor that found it's way to You Tube.  A little risqué, yes, but clever in concept.

Recently, Gillette decided to spread the same messaging to men about grooming their groins. The You Tube video already has 1,006,804 views to date and teaches men how to shave their sensitive areas by using,"short, light strokes" with a fresh blade to avoid irritation. The little man featured is actually a naked cartoon who gives the thumbs up and wiggles when he's done (hysterical). My favorite line, "Trimming the bush to make the tree look taller."

Have you ever ran into an unexpected out-of-control bush?