Eva Longoria's New Role: Pole Dancer

I just got scoop that Eva Longoria had a private pole dancing lesson at S Factor with Founder, Sheila Kelley, this past Wednesday at the Wilshire Blvd. location in Los Angeles.  No, her private lessons aren't for her somewhat new single life (although I'm sure she can benefit from them there too), they're for a new striptease scene in an upcoming episode of Desperate Housewives. While I've never taken S Factor classes myself, (dying to find the time), I do know that these sexy pole dancing classes are serious work outs combining ballet, yoga and striptease.

Sheila Kelley was an actress who had to play a role of a stripper and as she saw how her body changed for the better while working the pole, took on stripping for exercise.  That's where S Factor came into play.  Check out the video below of the intro class.