Essie Gels Are Making A Lasting Impression

When I announced on Instagram that Essie was launching a gel polish you all went nuts!  Now, I see why.  Normally, I opt for regular manicures, but the past two times I tested out the new gels.  Tough job, but somebody's gotta do it!  Seriously though, (and I say this as I stare down at my shiny, perfectly polished tips), I may be converting.  Here's the scoop.

The first time I tried the gels I wanted to see purely how long they would last since I've tried all of the other gels and wanted to compare.  I chose my staple Wicked-like color.  To be fair, thanks to my anxiety, I pick and eat off my polish.  With gels of different brands in the past when I was good about not eating them off (gross!) they normally last me about a week  to ten days.  Then, they'd begin to peel on the bottom corners and naturally, I'd attack them.

My first Essie gel manicure lasted ten days.  I was impressed (as was my fiancé and anyone who knew me).  Then, I began picking.  The next time, I chose a shade that corresponds with Russian Roulette called Bank Roll.  Yes, you can match the shade of gel polish to your favorite corresponding Essie polish through a color wheel, which I feel is crucial!

I will say my manicurist the past two times has been phenomenal, as I truly believe that the way the gels are applied have everything to do with them lasting – light layers. The new Essie gel polish collection comes in 36 shades and uses an LED lamp.