Essie Embraces the NY Yankees

I'm so excited for baseball season, as a dedicated Yankee fan I'm looking forward to attending the games, but as you may already assume, yes, I'm in it more for the fun than the love of the game itself.  If you're a die hard Yankees fan or just a gal like me who doesn't mind having a few beers in the stadium behind short stop, (best view in the house), you can show your team
appreciation for these champs with your manicure.

According to the 
Daily News, Essie changed the names of two colors in honor of No. 20, Jorge Posada. A 
bottle of white newly named "Posada Pettitte Connection" and a navy blue called "Midnight Cami" is now called "Bronx Bombers."  Why you ask?  Essie took notice to the fact that Posada paints his nails with Wite-Out to help pitcher, Andy Pettitte, see 
his signs.

Sorry Mets fans, looks like we won't be seeing any colors honoring 
Johan Santana or the delectable David Wright any time soon, or hopefully ever.