Equinox Ads Stir More Controversy Than Memberships

What types of images motivate you to work out?  For me, it's images of fit women.  Now, let me define fit.  Women who have bodies (yes, curves too) who have lean, toned muscles.  Inspirational, yet potentially attainable.  Equinox's ad imagery is now causing an uproar.  Can you see why? I've seen it all over NYC and at first, I was more disturbed by the way the fitness club's ads were trying to replicate a fashion spread in Harper's rather than a sending a message of working out.  Honestly, I just thought it was a stupid concept.  "Oh so if I join your gym I can frolick around in Louboutins and own a toy dogs?"  Clearly, that's the idea of the clientele they try to attract, but really?

Fashion editioral photographer, Terry Richardson shot the campaign, so the direction was clear from the start.  Members are outraged, but they're not so disturbed by the dumb idea of a fashion campaign, it's more about the models.  They casted for a fashion editorial.  Instead of showcasing fit models promoting an idea of what fitness and health means, Equinox casted runway ready, editorial models who all appear thin.  Check out their Facebook page to see the comments flooding in.