The Trick to Achieving Award Winning Brows

Out of all of the glitz and glamour of red carpet season, I can't help but obsess over people's brows!  As Twitter was raving over Sarah Hyland's Valentino inspired braided updo at the Globes, I couldn't control my brow envy.  I mean, look at them.  I turned to my brow artist, Maribeth Madron, to find out how to properly fill in your brows.  

Whenever I leave Maribeth's chair my brows look like this, but filling them in at home was always a challenge until I learned how.

"Full, bold brows requires a fair amount of product, and you need actual hair to make the product look natural," Madron says.  "A lot of product on bare skin will look too artificial." Therefore, put down the tweezers and if you need help growing them in, try using Revita Brow.  It contains wheat protein and biotin, which help to thicken the hairs you already have and promote new growth.

To fill them in, Madron suggests using a sharpened wax-based pencil like Maybelline EyeStudio Master Shape Pencil and then setting it with a brow powder.  For hold and a youthful sheen, take the extra step to go over them with a clear mascara.

"Always begin in the center of the brow to prevent you from overdoing the anchor at inner corner of eye," explains Madron.  When using the pencil, brush your brows up and fill in any gaps with short upward strokes. They should be fine "to mimic the look of actual hairs."