Engagement Rings & Getting Engaged: Let's Chat

engagement ringsI've been really excited about sharing my wedding bliss and prep with you guys since the day I got engaged and now, with my wedding less than a month away, I'm excited to dish about it all with Glamour!  Join us on on Wednesday, May 14th at 2pm for a Google+ hangout with Zales and OnceWed.  You see where this is going right? We're talking about engagement rings!  From trends to how to ensure you get exactly what you want, we'll cover it all so make sure you RSVP.  BTW did I ever tell you how I got engaged?

Let's just say it was super romantic.  Now, are you ready to talk engagement rings and engagement stories?  I hope I inspired you. Whenever I do Glamour Google+ hangouts they're fun and energetic. Plus, when talking weddings, rings (I can't wait for our wedding rings to come in!) and love with OnceWed, I'm sure there will be a ton of surprises.  Tune in!