Endless Eye Candy at the Tim Hamilton Redux, You're Welcome

After a covering backstage for Costello Tagliapietra at Milk Studios, I wondered up to the 8th floor and found myself pleasantly surprised by what I found (to say the least).  The sounds of music flooded the halls and I entered a room full of gorgeous men – yes, eye sex worthy.  Let's just say my job of reporting on beauty trends was long forgotten. The room was full of about 30 male models rocking the latest by Tim Hamilton drinks in hand, laughing and talking with each other.  I felt like I was at a cocktail party, some even made me feel like I was at a fraternity formal.  The DJ spun club music and took a break to allow a solo guitarist perform. Photographers were walking in between the models to capture the moment and I, well I just decided to mingle, Belevedere and cranberry in hand.  What girl wouldn't?

Of course, I interviewed one of the finest gentlemen about the collection, drinking while modeling and what he finds sexy about a woman.  His name?  Who cares.

Check it out: