Emmy Worthy Brows

The first thing everyone noticed about Heidi Klum on the Emmy red carpet last weekend was her baby bump, but besides the glitz and glam of the dress and jewels, there's so much more that goes into red carpet prep. Even beyond hair and make up.  I caught up with brow guru to the stars, Anastasia Soare, and she filled me on how she shaped Heidi along with Elizabeth Moss and E!'s Ryan Seacrest.

“Award shows and  red carpet events are really the perfect time to vamp it up with a glam look. The stars brows should embody the glamour of Hollywood,” commented Anastasia.

She decided to shape Heidi a few days prior to the Emmys to give the skin that was waxed enough time to even out with the skin tone of the rest of the face.  Using Dita Von Teese's brows as an inspiration, she chose to give her a high arch with a medium thickness. 

Anastasia just launched a Highlighting Brow Kit, which she used on the celebs at the Emmys as well.  Check it out at Sephora.