Emmy Beauty Predictions from the Best in the Biz

Sunday is Emmy Day, one of my favorite awards shows!  Not only is Homeland nominated for 'Best Drama Series', but so are Claire Danes and Damian Lewis for 'Best Actress & Best Actor in a Drama.'  Imagining a sweep.  You with me?  Either way, I know one things for sure, your eyes will be glued to the red carpet!  Here are some beauty predictions for TV's biggest night from yours truly and some of my friends, the best on the web. I think we'll see a combination of wine stained matte and nude glossy lips complimenting  "undone, done hair."  Nail art will still be in play for some of the younger actresses, but for the most part, nude nails will take center stage.

I predict we'll see toned-down glamour: fewer big barrel curls and more undone waves. And I'll be shocked if there's nail art — or much nail color at all, actually.  - Annie Tomlin, Beauty Director of Refinery 29

I'm predicting a lot of half-up 'dos. I think the long, side-parted waved look is finally played out (since it's been officially A Thing since 2003) and updos are typically more common at the Oscars for a more formal feel. I think we'll see some straight half-up looks with height. Of which, I'm a fan. - Amber Katz, Founder of Beauty Blogging Junkie

If the runways at NYFW were any indication, we'll see lots of off-white and nude nails - although I wouldn't write off nail art just yet, just expect it to be toned down (like rhinestones and appliqués on nude nails!). I also expect at least one celeb to debut a new "lob" (aka long bob!) and at least some plum lips! - Alexis Wolfer, Founder of The Beauty Bean

I'm predicting a lot of jewel tone dresses (royal blue, deep purple, etc) and I agree with Alexis, there will definitely be a few "lobs"! - Jamie Stone, Founder of Queen of the Quarter Life Crisis

I think we'll be seeing more relaxed, soft waves than usual—the world of hair is all about what's touchable right now. - Beth Shapouri, Blogger for Glamour's Girls in the Beauty Department

I'm predicting we'll see some gorgeous red and berry lips in both matte and glossy textures, as well as more subdued nail art. I think we're past the stages of crazy nails, so we'll see things like nude with a small gold stone or an inverted French. And of course, fingers are crossed for someone to debut a fabulous new haircut, but you can hardly predict that one... - Rachel Adler, Beauty Director of Beauty High

I'm predicting a move away from all the romantic curls we saw in the past and a lot more sleek straight looks.  I love the Emmys, beause I feel like they are a little less HUGE in the glamour.  The stars look more like "people" -- while the mermaid curls may come out for the oscars!  Also, I'm assuming there'll be a chance in the nail art we see - nail art was SO big last year, but now post-runways, we seem to be seeing more subtle (classic, actually) looks.  Also there was a lot of pretty bold lips on the NYFW runways this year. I hope it stays! - Aly Walansky, Founder of A Little Aly Tude

I'm expecting that the Emmy celebs will take a cue from the New York runways, and we'll see a few bold orange lips, hair down and in messy waves (glam post-grunge), and nude nails in tones of peach, beige and cream. - Nadine Jolie - Founder of Nadine Jolie