Why A Hot Stone Massage is So Worth It

Normally, if I take time out for a massage I opt for a deep tissue, which is anything but relaxing.  Since I work out a ton and stress myself out more than necessary, I need the knots worked out of my upper back and get enjoyment out of wincing through the pain. However, when I was invited into the Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa for their Desert Stone Hot Stone Massage, I wasn't about to pass up on the offer and now have a new found appreciation for taking a few minutes out for relaxation. It was 30 degrees outside and nothing felt better than slipping into the heated bed and feeling the hot stones resting on my back.  Right away, I knew I was going to enjoy it.  The rocks used were Basalt Rocks, which are from defunct volcanoes and hold the most heat.  "The heat releases tension, softens muscles and helps to further relax the body, which allows for the therapist to deeper penetrate the muscles," explained my masseuse, Kimberly Knight.

Throughout the 50 minute massage I was completely relaxed and the rotation of the heated rocks being rubbed over oil and having a regular massage was a nice mix.  I will warn you as Knight warned me, because rocks are being used you do hear them clanking around a bit as they're switched out and placed in the heater, which can be distracting if you allow it to be.