Eat, Pray, Sniff... Exploring the Laura Tonatto Profumi in Rome, Italy

Ciao from Rome!  Our first day here, of course ventured around from Piazza to Piazza admiring scenes like the Trevi Fountain and Spanish Steps and stopping for liters of wine along the way.  In the Piazza Di Pietra I found myself separated from my family. As they were sipping espresso, I testing my way through the Laura Tonatto Profumi, a boutique owned by Laura Tonatto herself, who created Queen Elizabeth II's signature scent.  Allow me to take you there...

Experiencing each note offered one at a time through an interactive wall by spritzing some of the already blended fragrances and single notes I felt at home. Albi was one of my favorites as it struck a cord with it's spicy note of black pepper blended with fresh lavender.

The store manager was excited to tell me that a scent blended by George Clooney is a big seller and of course I was in awe to find out that Laura Tonatto is also the nose behind some of the Kerastase and L'Oreal Professional fragrances.

As I ventured to the back of the store, I found TVs with headphones attached set up like a museum tour that walked through decades of famous concoctions.  The experience was a beauty-junkie's travel must-do.  You can visit the Laura Tonatto Profumi online boutique to custom blend your fragrance.  After all, you don't want any else having your scent.  Do you?