Stylish & Easy Summer Braids

Easy Summer BraidsIn case you missed the memo, we’re obsessed with braids. Not only are they an easy way to tame unruly (read: frizzy!) strands during the hot summer months, but they’re chic as well. Here are a few of our favorite  easy summer braids that will redefine your go-to summer look all while staying cool and stylish, whether you’re hanging by the pool or on the beach.

d87e64be28831165_M-Monique-Lhuillier-Bridal-Fall-2014-4.preview_tallThe Side Braid Chignon

A great way to keep bangs in place, the side braid flatters any face while the chignon elevates the look to a whole new level. Keep it loose and pull out a few strands for a refreshing update on a classic summertime style.

Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 11.25.50 AMThe Fishtail

This edgy braid tames frizzy locks while capturing a flirty and fun summer vibe, perfect for long days on the beach. Start at the crown and pull it over one shoulder, loosening sections as you go, for a pretty boho look.

TBDmess3The Crown

For those who can’t stand the heat when the summer sun comes out, a braided crown keeps hair tucked up and away without sacrificing style. Start on one side of your head and braid around, bobby pinning any strands threatening to pop out, for a whimsical and fun final look.

Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 11.29.23 AMThe Half-Up

A good option for those who aren’t quite so adventurous, this easy summer braid style features two small braids (one on each side of the head) connected in the back. This flattering look pulls back those annoying front pieces that frame your face while still allowing the rest of your hair to flow with summertime ease.