Easy Mascara Trick for Longer, Thicker Lashes

Last week I had dinner with Celebrity Makeup Artist, Jake Bailey, known for perfecting Taylor Swift's flirty lash look in the Cover Girl ads and Katy Perry's signature cat eye. While I learned a ton of great makeup application tips and tricks from him throughout the meal, there was one that deserved a post on its own – the best mascara tip ever! Somewhere in between testing out an eyeshadow on my hand and drinking a glass of red, Bailey began doing a mascara demo that changed my life (well, changed my makeup routine).  His secret was a prop – a business card.  Here's the how-to:

1. Place a business card behind your upper lashes to protect your lid from the pigment.

2. Place the wand at the base of your lash line and wiggle it in between your lashes for added definition.

3. Next, as you pull the brush up throughout your lashes, rotate it so you're continuously coating them with fresh mascara and lift your lashes up with it for added length.

4.  Allow the brush to continue past your lashes and run onto the business card so the excess mascara doesn't clump on the tips of your lashes.

You don't have to use a business card to pull of this trick.  A match book, credit card, or anything thin and small will work.  As far as mascara goes, work with what you like, but I recommend trying CoverGirl's Nature Luxe Mousse Mascara, $8.49 at drugstores.  It's what Bailey used for the demo and created dimensional lashes.