3 Drugstore Beauty Buys, Upgraded

When it comes to my beauty regimen, I'll test anything. From DIYing a goopy egg and olive oil hair mask to getting a spermine facial and of course, I never hesitate to bring on the chemicals. I even found that slathering oil all over my face is possibly the best thing I've ever done for my skin.  However, just like with anything in life, I have my basics.  The tried and true, never fail products that just get the job done.  Some of my favorites underwent a makeover and you'll be grabbing them off of drugstore shelves in no time.

Cetaphil - The gentle skin cleanser is now available in wipes!  It's the same, gentle, yet effective formula that you're used to in a cleansing cloths form.  Unlike other wipes, these are about 30% bigger and have no scent.  I brought them home from the launch event and my fiance already stole them.

Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy - When this first came out about two years ago, it became the Cetaphil for my hair.  A staple fixture in my shower that became part of my shampoo and conditioner rotation.  The basic scalp nourishing products expanded their range and now offer an Intense Hydration line.

Secret- As a Clinical Strength user, the brand just launched a new collection of Invisible Solids inspired by Brazil, Paris and Hawaii that are doing the trick.  To test out their 48 hour claim, I recently went on a Brazilian adventure through NYC to put it to the test and it hasn't failed. Rainforest Mist is the right scent for me, as it's light and refreshing.