Drew Barrymore Talks Her '90's Bad Girl Look & the Secret Behind Why Her $3.99 Cosmetics Are So Good

Talking with Drew Barrymore last week over white wine at Willow Road in NYC was like talking to Josie in "Never Been Kissed," the 90's rom-com she starred in that I adore.  She's like the girl you'd want to have at your middle school sleep over, exuding a down-to-earth, positive energy that makes her your instant BFF.  Wearing a hoodie under a flannel, a long floral maxi skirt, and dark lip pencil over her entire lip, she was Drew as the world knew her. "I'm channeling my inner '90's, bad girl red carpet look," Barrymore stated when asked about her lipstick.  "I'm doing [Flower] Toffee Lip Liner all over the lip with a baby bit of Chocolate Lily Lipstick on the inside," she explained.  

The key to her bad girl look: lip liner all over the lips.  It's one of her go-to looks.  "It reminds me of a time in life where I used to do that.  I loved wearing MAC Spice Lip Liner, those deep, rich chocolates that were on the verging of a purple eggplant and I missed it."

You'll be happy to know the former CoverGirl didn't just slap her name on a label when it came to creating her new makeup line, Flower.  After years of being in the industry she knew what she was doing.  Truth is, even though the 181 piece line is sold exclusively in Walmart with prices ranging from $3.99 to $15, the quality of the cosmetics compare to prestige brands. How?  They're created at Intercos, the same lab that formulates cosmetics from companies like Chanel.  Yes, a dirty little secret.