10 Minutes with Drew Barrymore

BeautySweetSpot contributor, Emily Rekstis and Drew Barrymore.

We had the pleasure of catching up with one of the most humble, intelligent and coolest woman around, Drew Barrymore. Celebrating her new fragrances over cocktails, when talking with her, you would never know you’re talking to an A-list celebrity who the world, has well known since she was seven. Following an awkward exchange of her asking if we met before, and me replying, “I don’t think so,” (of course we haven’t! I think I’d have remembered if I had met Drew Barrymore), we chatted about her perfect New York day, nostalgic scent and her must-have product.

Is there any scent that reveals a certain memory or emotion?

Yes, Night Blooming Jasmine. Over the course of hour after hour, you smell things and it is the most emotional amazing thing. You can smell something and your just like ‘oh I hate it,’ or you smell something and you burst into tears and it brings back a childhood memory. It seems like something that’s so lost and gone but then it’s as if it’s right there in front of you. And there was a Night Blooming Jasmine outside of our dingy duplex out in West Hollywood. But [when I smelled it] it was this moment of such beauty and nature it let me know there was good things in the world.

Do you remember your very first scent?

I have been patchouli girl my whole life. Like I am dirty hippie oil patchouli type. It was interesting to me to learn that so much patchouli is in so many of the most successful scents in the world. It’s a very common accord in the highest selling perfumes. I only like things that aren’t going to sell like old lady rose or hippie patchouli. I was told that patchouli was a great seller.  Then I tested all these patchoulis and I fell in love with one and he was like it’s the most expensive. And I was like well we can get it? He walk like, ok, we’ll get it. So that’s in sultry.

How does a woman go about finding her signature scent?

I would say it’s important to be honest with yourself. Don’t wear something because you think you’re supposed to be wearing it. But wear something that smells really truly good to you. And then don’t spray too much on.

I would also start with figuring out what your favorite flower is, and finding a fragrance that’s representative of that flower.

What’s one beauty product you’re never without?

Without missing a beat: Aquaphor I get nervous when I don’t have my Aquaphor on me. I feel like my lips are just going to shrivel and go away forever. In a burning fire if I don’t have my Aqua 4.

 How would you spend your perfect NY day?

I would definitely go to a museum and there’s just so many, but definitely a museum a great museum. I would eat like a pastrami sandwich. I would go shopping somewhere in the like East Village at a boutique where I would never be able to get that stuff anywhere else. I would eat Chinese food. Although I did just get food poisoning from ordering Chinese. If you can get shrimp that fast, you just shouldn’t eat it. I really paid the price and learned the lesson. But I would still eat a lot of Chinese food. And then I would take a walk after dinner because you can here.

drew-barrymore-flower-fragranceThe three scents: Cherish, Radiant, and Sultry are available for $19.98 for 15 ml to $24.98 for 30ml at Walmart or on the FLOWER site.