Dress to Perform: Workout Gear that Will Make You Want to Sweat

When I was younger I used to attend dance classes (OK up until I was 18).  I took ballet and hip hop and used to get yelled at when I didn't dress appropriately for class; quickly learning that a sports bra and loose tank is not the same thing as a leotard.  My teacher used to tell me to dress to perform, which made me mad as a rebellious teenager who hated rules.  Now, I take that same advice into the gym and it makes all the difference.  Here's what I've been rocking lately... Believe it or not, the sports bra and jacket is by Roxy.  They just launched an outdoor fitness line that's designed to fight the elements when you're partaking in activities like biking and hiking, but I love the material and the designs really compliment a woman's figure so I wear them to the gym as well.  In the pic I'm wearing the Roxy Spin Bra and Atmosphere Jacket.  I also have capri pants that have a really flattering cut, making my thighs look slimmer.

Also in the pic above, I'm wearing my Victoria's Secret Supermodel Pants.  Make Victoria's Secret your new go-to for yoga pants.  They're slimming, comfortable and affordable.  Check out my new finds and you'll soon be saying Lulu who?