How to Be a Dove 'Real Woman'

Dove-CampaignEver wonder what goes into a "real women" casting?  I had the opportunity to go behind the scenes at the new Dove Beauty Bar Beauty Chain Campaign shoot, which is a video thanking the women who use Dove, to talk to some of the ladies involved. Not only did I find out about the casting process, but also how you can be a part of it. 



Through word of mouth, 75 women attended a casting and 22 of them were shot for the Dove Beauty Bar Beauty Chain campaign.  As a Dove girl myself, I knew exactly what they were looking for and wasn't surprised when I arrived on set and met Sheri Adams of San Francisco, a mother of four and Renata Zeiguer of the Bronx, a 26 year old yogi. While the Dove woman has a range of ethnicities, ages and body types, one thing's always for sure – she's not a model or actress, radiants confidence, has good skin and has a passion for the brand.


Sound like you?  Then you may want to make a Dove Beauty Chain like the one shot that day.  The face morphing technology is unreal!  I made one called "Three Generations" with a photo of myself, mom and grandma.  Check it out, create your own and spread the Dove love.