Don't Sweat It

There's nothing worse than some of the stenches you may come across as the temperature continues to rise and the humidity keeps increasing to the point where you have a full blown fro. Stay dry and lightly scented this summer with Degree's Fine Fragrance Collection of deodorants with matching body mists that are scented just enough to keep you smelling fresh. And the best part is that you won't have to second guess whether or not that putrid stench is coming from you.

Degree partnered with Anne Gottlieb, who has been the "nose" behind many fine fragrances such as Calvin Klein Obsession, Covet from Sarah Jessica Parker and 212 by Carolina Herrera to create this new collection. "It's important to wear as many products as possible that carry a particular scent," Gottlieb states. Layering the same scent will make it last longer, because as one layer begins to fade the other will outlast it.

Each of the three available scents include top, middle and bottom notes just like your favorite perfume, but because they're body mists they're pleasant enough to wear in the heat and without coming off too strong.
  • Sexy Intrigue - jasmine, rose and hints of vanilla
  • Delicious Bliss - apple, peach and raspberries with hints of hyacinth and magnolia
  • Classic Romance - rose and peony with hints of citrus and bergamot
Degree Fine Fragrance Deodorants and Body Mists retail for $3.79 each at drugstores. Click here to receive coupon for a dollar off. Talk about a deal!