DIY Skincare: Turmeric & Chickpea Recipe

Are you a big DIYer?  Truth is, I'm completely incapable of being crafty unless it comes to mixing up my own skincare.  It's true what they say – that you can use ingredients right in your own kitchen cabinets to create effective scrubs, cleansers and masks.  My esthetician, Megan McGee from the Bliss Spa gave me the scoop about the benefits of using turmeric and chic peas to create new skincare recipes.  Read on and you may be inspired to whip something up tonight.

"Turmeric is an excellent exfoliating agent and can help you defeat the signs of aging," MgGee explains.  "Chickpeas have manganese, which causes skin cells to produce energy and fight wrinkle-causing free radicals. They also have molybdenum, which detoxifies the skin by removing sulphites and are laced with other nutrients like folate and Vitamin B that work as fuel for the skin cells to repair damage from the sun."

Cleanser Recipe

Mix chickpea flour with turmeric to cleanse and exfoliate your face. This will improve your skin texture, remove dead cells, moisturize and improve your complexion too.

Mask Recipe

  • Mix chickpea flour with turmeric powder and milk or yogurt
  • Make a fine paste apply it evenly on the face
  • Wash off thoroughly after 10-15 minutes with warm water