DIY Ombre Locks with L'Oreal Paris Feria Wild Ombres Kit

"Ombre isn't going anywhere anytime soon," commented Christophe Robin,  L'Oreal's Global Consulting Hair Colorist at an event I attended to celebrate the launch of the first ever at-home ombre hair color kit.  Impressed, completely impressed by the hair color system, I sat there and watched as he colored a model's hair and couldn't believe how easy it was. The magic is all in the brush.  The plastic bristles are built on two levels to help distribute the product.  "Make sure to use enough product each time you brush and new piece of hair," he commented.  Hold the brush vertically and literally paint it on beginning in the middle of your hair shaft to the ends section by section all of the way around your head.  The color lifts up to seven levels of color, which will lighten even the darkest hair.

The L'Oreal Paris Feria Wild Ombre Kit will launch in three different shades this February in drugstores.