Destiny's Child Hairstylist, Tippi Shorter, Talks Game Day Prep

Over the weekend I saw one of my favorite hairstylists, Tippi Shorter, tweet that she was working at the Super Bowl.  To be exact, she said, "Is it wrong to be working at the Super Bowl tomorrow and not know who's playing?"  This only meant one thing.  She was either working on Beyonce, a member of Destiny's Child, J Hud or Alicia Keys.  I reached out to her immediately and got the scoop, not only on how she made Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland's hair so straight and shiny, but also on what it was like backstage before the big reunion! What was the vibe like behind the scenes as you prepped Kelly and Michelle for their Super Bowl half time show?

They are true professionals and able to jump into action when needed, so they were their usual fun selves.  It was all hair and makeup talk.

Who did you work with to collaborate on their look?

I spoke to both Kelly and Michelle to find out what they were thinking.  They then trusted me to deliver my own touch to their idea.

Were their leather costumes part of the inspiration behind their sleek strands?

Yes, absolutely.

What's their natural hair texture like and how much prep work went into achieving their straight hair?

Both of the ladies are chemical free, so it makes it easier for me to create a sleek look with body. We worked with a lot of color, so that was time consuming.

What key products were used?

I used the Pantene Truly Natural Shampoo and Conditioner and the Aveda Brilliant for shine and the Control Force Spray for hold.

Can you paint the picture of the backstage scene before they performed?

The three ladies prayed and took the stage for an amazing performance.