DermaCeutic Peel, The Real Reason I've Been Glowing

Nine weeks until our wedding and I'm glowing in love. Last Saturday was my surprise bridal shower, and the Wednesday before I visited my derm's office to get a DermaCeutic Peel. Sure enough, three days into my peel, my skin was flaking off of my face much like a shedding lizard.  "Look at you, you're glowing," my aunt said. Yes, my fresh skin was glowing indeed. Maybe it was love?  Maybe it was my peel? Just like my derm promised, I have glow for a bride-to-be.  My skin was never whipped into shape so quickly before and I've tried it all. About the peel: The brand is DermaCeutic.  There are different types of professional peels depending on the types of results you're seeking.  I did a DermaCeutic Spot Peel Treatment (to help reduce my hyperpigmentation) and then a Milk Peel Treatment (to further help even out my skin tone).

About the products: Afterwards, I began using the aftercare products recommended by my derm from DermaCeutic, which include a glycolic face wash, moisturizer, recovery cream and spot treatment.  I'll be on the strict regimen for about a month and then I'll almost be ready to walk down the aisle.

So is it love or is it my DermaCeutic peel?  I think it's a combination of both.  :)

After trying intense pulse laser (IPL) to get rid of certain brown spots, Fraxel (see post), regular glycolic peels when I get facials and now this, I can honestly say that after a week of peeling, my skin has never looked better.  Yes, I'm a little obsessive and harsh on my skin (too harsh) but we're all a little OCD about something, right?

My derm, Dr. Lefkowicz is located at 875 Fifth Ave. in NYC.