Demi Moore's Skincare Secret: Stemulation

In the very beginning of the year I met with the women who created a new skincare line, Stemulation for dinner.  Being that I learn about new skincare lines almost everyday when I first sat down I didn't have major expectations.  However, when they told me their age, I was in shock.  After hearing there was no Botox or injections involved in their youthful looking skin I was intrigued to say the least to learn more about the line. I learned that the line is made out of human stem cells.  The first of its kind.  You may have heard of skincare made out of stem cells before, but they're always plant or animal based.  This is brand new technology.  The way it works is the growth factors in human stem cells are captured from donors bone marrow.  The line consists of a serum, boost creme and micro derm scrub.  An eye cream is on its way.

I've been consistently using the serum and eye cream (yes, I got a sneak peek). I use the serum before I apply my moisturizer and am looking at it as my anti-aging must have.  It's the secret behind the founders skin!  It's lightweight and I believe in it, because after about eight weeks of use, my skins texture has improved.  I pat the eye cream all the way around the orbit of my eye with my ring finger and am ridding my crows feet and keeping my eyes lifted (I did just turn 28)!