Degree Natureeffects Improves Your Mood

I have to admit, I'm normally not a huge fan of using fragranced deodorants, moisturizers or body washes. Even though there are so many on the market that smell almost edible or intoxicating, I like how I smell when I just get out of the shower and accessorize with a perfume that fits my mood. However, when I met Degree Natureeffects I gave scented deodorant a chance.

Formulated by fragrance expert, Ann Gottlieb, who's the nose behind Marc Jacobs Lola, Sarah Jessica Parker Covet, many of the Calvin Klein fragrances and AXE, Degree Natureeffects blends nature inspired scents in deodorants and body mists.

Out of the three blends, which include Honeysuckle & Tee Tree Oil, Olive Leaf & Pink Pepper and Orange Flower & Cranberry my favorite is the Honeysuckle & Tee Tree Oil. These scents aren't like other scented deodorants I've smelled before. They're actually very light and refreshing but what caught my attention is that you can smell them just enough to help relieve a little stress. (Warning: You may be caught sniffing your arm pits under pressure!)