Dear Jeannine... Can I use Lemon Juice as A Toner?

Dear Jeannine, Can I use lemon juice as a toner?  What does it do and how long will it last if I keep it in the fridge?


This question came through via Twitter and since I've been doing a ton of DIY beauty TV segments lately it was right up my alley.  Yes, lemon juice has so many beauty benefits!  It  can be used as a toner, to help lighten age spots and acne marks.

Since lemon juice has a ton of acid in it, it can dry out your skin so use it sparingly and skip it all together if you have dry skin.  Whatever you do, don't just start rubbing lemon juice on your face!  You need to dilute it.  Take a spritzer bottle and mix a half a cup of lemon juice with a cup of water.  Once a day after cleansing, spritz it across your face and then apply your moisturizer.  You'll notice lighter, brighter skin in about four to six weeks.  Keep it in the fridge between uses and one bottle can last a week.