Deadline: Miami

I have exactly five weeks until my plane touches down in South Beach and guess what?  I'm taking you along on the journey through fitness with me.  Five weeks is just enough time to make sure I'm looking right in a bikini.  God knows I would never go to Miami with flab!  And who knows... maybe my posts will encourage you to start moving too! My silky, smooth legs and I will be joining the Schick team on a mini vaca in mid July and you know since the razor brand is all about being hair free everywhere (come on, you've seen the TrimStyle commercials) I'm sure we'll all be in the tiniest bikinis!  However, I'm not fretting (yet), because they enlisted Celebrity Trainer Gina Lombardi to be our trainers for the next month (well, virtual trainers).

My first goal: to get a pedometer.  Even though I work out on the regular, I think I'll listen to her here.  Seeing my steps in numbers may encourage me to keep going and help challenge me  to take my run a bit further.

"If you're looking for weight loss your goal should be a minimum of 10,000 steps, but if you're on a tight deadline, increase it to 15,000," she commented.

So here I go, I'm considering five weeks a tight deadline and being that I live in NYC I may even be able to do 20,000!  We'll see... I've also began reading her book "Deadline Fitness."  Wish me luck!