Do Your Skin A Favor & Give Yourself A Reality Check with DDF at Sephora

In between shows this week I stopped by Sephora in Columbus Circle to check out DDF's new Skin Evaluation System.  It's an iPhone app that only professionally trained sales assistants at Sephora can use to give customers skin diagnosises comprable to ones you'd receive in a derms office.  Skeptical at first (Do I really trust the accuracy of an app when it comes to my skin?), I met with Roy Galifi, a Retail Executive for Procter & Gamble who's worked with DDF for years, and surrendered my face to the dermascope.  Here's what I found out... My skin is older than I am!  Thank you to my college self who thought it was a great idea to bake in tanning beds every single day.  He used an iPhone and went through a series of questions about my skincare concerns addressing aging, sensitivity, pores, oil, dryness, etc. and then proceeded to put a dermascope (microscopic camera that attaches to the iPhone and magnifies your skin 25x) up to different areas of my skin and take photos.

That part was a nightmare! He took close up photos with the device of my crows feet, pores on my nose and cheek and then compared each photo with photos that were rated one through five.  My crows feet scored a three out of five (five being the worst, ladies), pores scored a four out of five (why are my pores humungous!?) and texture scored a three out of five, but I think he was just being nice there as I would have given it a four.

After the survey was completed and photo grading torture was over, he printed out my skin assessment results, which proved that my pores should be my main concern, when I thought it was my fine lines and wrinkles (they ranked second).  To help ease my mind, he recommended a DDF regimen that would help with my true problems and I'm beginning it tonight!

"People come into Sephora with preconceived notions of what they need," Galifi commented.  "DDF isn't diagnosing with this app, but we're getting to root of problems with this evaluating tool."  For example, many people believe they have sensitive skin, but what may really be the issue is that they have a sensitivity to an ingredient in a product they're using.

Interested in having your skin analyzed?  Check out DDF's Facebook page or DDF online to see which Sephora's are holding assessment events.  It surely was a reality check for me!

*This is a sponsored post, but all of my actions and thoughts are honest.