Guy vs. Girl Date Night Beauty Tips

Date night beauty can go one of two ways: 1. date night with the girls (right) 2. date night with a guy (left). Yes, each may take the same amount of effort, but it's necessary that the looks are completely different. Women appreciate trend and experimentation, while guys on the other hand, prefer a more natural, polished look. Thanks Kate for setting the standards.  Here are some ways my beauty writer friends and I change up our looks depending on who we're going out with.  Catch some inspiration... My fiance, Joe, loves it when my hair is "swirly."  In other words, he likes it when I work my wand and strands into effortless waves.  Let me tell you, they're not so effortless.  Whereas, my girlfriends appreciate the fact that Bob, (yes, if you recall we've named my bob, Bob) has grown out and they like my straight, blunt ends.  When it comes to my makeup, mascara is my finishing touch for Joe, but for the ladies it's a fun, lip look. - yours truly

For me, it's all about a lip. I find girl sexy is all about at a matte, bold lip in either red or pink. But guys would rather die than be out with you in one of those. When I know I'm going out with dudes, I keep my lip simple, with a swipe of Fresh Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment in Honey, a pinky nude. - Amber Katz, Founder of

When I'm seeing the girls, I guzzle an iced coffee while I get ready. But for a night out with my husband, I whiten my smile with Crest 3D White Whitestrips Luxe Supreme FlexFit , so my teeth sparkle. I put them one while I do my hair and voila! - Polly Blitzer, Founder of

I'll get much fussier with it in general for my girlfriends. I mean, my friends really appreciate some really meticulous eyeliner. But Men? The amount of effort it takes lost on them, so why bother? They're simple creatures when it comes to makeup. As long as you have mascara on, I find they're pretty happy. - Beth Shapouri, freelance writer and lead blogger for the's Girls in the Beauty Department

I will let my hair air-dry when i am going out with the girls — it looks naturally curly and full. Gal pals love natural hair. But I will go over my spirals with a clamp-less curling wand for a date to relax my spirals and make my ‘do look more polished. The Sultra Bombshell Clipless Curling Iron is my wand of choice — it heats up fast and is a powerful tool. I always finish with beach spray like Oribe Dry Texture Spray to make it look more textured and casually cool. —Lauren Levinson, POPSUGAR Beauty Editor

At the risk of being a tad "crass" - there's sexfoliation involved in a date night with a boy vs. a girl. If i'm going to be seeing the ladies, I will maybe get a blowout, a mani, debut a new dress or pair of jeans. But if I'm seeing a boy? There'll be hours more of (deeply personal?) effort involved. You know, just in case! - Aly Walansky,