Cosmo's Latest Beauty Book is Sizzling

If you like reading BeautySweetSpot, then you'll enjoy Cosmo's new book, "Sexiest Beauty Secrets: The Ultimate Guide to Looking Gorgeous."  I got an advanced copy for review and must say, it's pretty spicy. Written by some of Cosmo's former beauty editors (like myself!), mainly Andrea Lavinthal, who I've always looked up to, the book dishes on beauty basics from what makeup colors best suit your skin tone to how to perfect a DIY mani.

Here's one of my favorite tips:

"A surefire way to get his attention: Apply lipstick in front of him....

If a woman looks like she likes the feeling of her lips against the lipstick, it signals on a subconscious level that she's eager to be kissed."

Pucker up ladies!

You can get your copy on April 6th for $16.95.