Cosmetic Surgery Report and Rant

Ever think about what you'd look like with a smaller nose, more defined cheek bones or plumper lips?  How about thinner thighs?  Yea, you thought of that... who hasn't? Despite the downfall in the economy, the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery reports that the demand for plastic surgery procedures in 2009 only fell 2% with liposuction and rhinoplasty being the top two.  It seems no matter what the cost, people are willing to put their money where they believe their imperfections are.  As a matter of fact, Americans spent over $10.5 billion on cosmetic surgery procedures throughout the year.

Heidi Montag probably contributed about $1 billion herself.  The Hollywood effect is taking place and it's all trickling down.  E! recently reported that now a days, getting breast implants or a nose job is almost like a right of passage for girls on their 18th birthdays.  I am by no means against cosmetic surgery (everyone needs a little nip and tuck sometimes), but some allow it to get out of hand.

There's actually a site called where you can upload your photo, address all of your facial concerns (even having your ears pinned back), and get a free consultation from a plastic surgeon.  Wait, it gets better... then, like American Idol, (yes, a reality show), America gets to vote on whether or not you should go through with your surgery!

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