Cosmetic Surgery: Nips & Tucks by State

Cosmetic surgery in the United States is so common today that 18–year–old girls are getting breast implants from their parents as high school graduation gifts.  It’s almost as if these parents are saying, “Welcome to the real world honey.” The top five cosmetic surgical procedures done in 2009 were breast augmentation followed by liposuction, eyelid surgery, rhinoplasty and tummy tucks.  However, according to Women’s Health – geography plays a part as to what form of nip and tuck women had done.

New Yorkers mostly willingly go under the knife for nose jobs, whereas those who live in Miami get the more breast lifts performed.  Chicago natives take to lumineers, while Dallas and Boston residents often get hair transplants. The women of Seattle are known to get the full “mommy makeover” (tummy tucks plus some added enhancement) and finishing off the list — not surprisingly –- Los Angeles natives get the most dysport (a botox alternative) injections.

It's funny how your surroundings will dictate cosmetic surgery pressures.  I never thought about it in this way, but it makes sense.  What do you think?