Conquer the Red Lip

Afraid to take the risk of going red?  Don't be! Tackle the hurdle by making sure you consider the hue and consistency of the lip color before applying and you'll look as flawless as Sandra Bullock at the Oscars. Above all, the red lip is an accessory and should be treated as such.  Here are a few tips to rock this glamorous statement: 1)   Texture : Choose a creamy lipstick over matte because they tend to be more moisturizing.  Avoid mattes especially if you tend to have dry lips.

2)   Shade : Consider the season, your outfit, skin tone, and your mood!  If you have fair skin, choose a product with cool, blue undertones, whereas orangey-reds look better on olive complexions.

3)   Saturation : Very very red…or sheer with a hint of red…or somewhere in between?  Depending on how many eyes you want on you when you walk in the room, you can adjust the intensity of your lip color.

4)   The rest of your makeup : A cardinal rule of makeup is to focus on one feature and one feature only.  Fire engine red lip?  Skip the blue eyeliner.  Hot pink blush?  Forget the purple mascara.  Your features should not clash – they should complement each other.  If you're doing a red lip, keep the rest simple.

5)   Time/Place/Outfit . At the mall with jeans and a t-shirt, your best bet would be to sport a red-tinted lip balm.  In a ball gown at the opera, you can up the ante and go for a full-blown deep red.  Always make sure your version of the red lip is appropriate for the setting.