Connie Britton's Skin & Hair Secrets Revealed

Chances are if you're reading this you're either 1. a Nashville fan or 2. hoping that I found out the secret behind Connie Britton's amazing hair.  I'm excited to say, you'll both be happy so keep reading.  Back in November the actress and I co-hosted a Twitter chat for Ponds and she was just as gorgeous in person as she is on TV.  And yes, her hair is real!  Here, she spills exactly what she does to her hair and her beauty must haves.

What drew you to partnering with Ponds Luminous Finish BB+?

I love the duality of it – short and long-term benefits in one product is a huge draw.

You mentioned using Wen Leave in Conditioner, but what's the real secret behind your famous hair?  

The truth is, I don’t do much to it at all – I wash it pretty infrequently, and I’m pretty low maintenance with it. I find over washing my hair tends to dry it out too much. I also air dry it.

What's the number one hair or makeup tip you've learned on set?

Less is more! We pile on so many products when we’re in front of the camera, I’ve learned what not to do off camera. I’m a big believer in keeping it basic in my own time, and using only a couple of products that really do all the work for me.

What are your five beauty must haves?

Leave in conditioner, a dry shampoo, volumizing mascara, Ponds Luminous Finish BB+ and I know this isn’t a beauty product, but hydrating is a huge step in my beauty regimen.

What would your character, Rayna Jaymes's, five beauty must haves be?

Rayna keeps it pretty simple as well, which I love. But since she performs on stage, she definitely ups the makeup a bit. A nude lip gloss, darker eyeliner, mascara, and sometimes even some gold eye shadow to spice things up!