Collar Stays: The Hidden Male Accessory

Since I started dating Joe I've learned so many intricate details about men's fashion that I've always overlooked before.  Perhaps the one that amuses me most is the importance of collar stays.  Have you ever heard of them?  Whether you've heard of them or not, you've probably seen them, ripped them out of your man's shirt and threw them out thinking they were part of the tag or from the dry cleaner.  However, little did you know that these little pieces of plastic can make or break your mans collar and overall look. I'm telling you ladies, it's a man's secret accessory, like our control top stockings.  The well dressed man wears them to keep their collar crisp.  Now that Joe taught me about them, I notice when a man's not wearing them and it bothers me!

I found these metal personalized hidden message collar stays from Red Envelope that are engraved with cute sayings.  If your man's not wearing them, you may want to gift him with these as a clever way of telling him to get the hint.