Cleanse Right

I've done two cleanses in my life. One five day from Organic Avenue where I was able to eat raw food and the other was from Whole Foods that was two weeks, where I had to take about eleven huge pills everyday (let's just say I didn't last the full two weeks). With so many different types of cleanses I was curious to find out the benefits of the different types.

Thinking about trying a cleanse?  I got the scoop from celeb nutritionist, Paula Simpson, on the most appropriate ways to cleanse and what you should expect while you're toughing it out.

"Quick fix cleanses tend to be more harsh on the system and do very little in neutralizing toxins by products and supporting the key eliminative pathways including the skin, liver, kidneys, digestion and lungs," remarked Simpson.

Ideally cleanses should be about ten days long, but if you're doing an eliminative diet or detox program it should last anywhere from two weeks to one month.  These are best if done about three to four times per year. Throughout the first few days of a cleanse you may feel tired, have mild headaches and gastric disturbances.

"Watch out for outrageous claims in weight loss and programs not recommended by credible health professionals," Simpson warned.  Programs should be antioxidant rich with natural ingredients and not too restrictive on eating.  When working with her clients, Simpson encourages both a nutrition and supplement program that work to promote the healthy functioning of the digestive system, liver and support healthy immunity.

A good one to try recommended by Simpson: Glisodin Skin Nutrients Advanced Detoxification Program, because it's very easy to incorporate into your daily routine as it's only two drinks per day for 15 days.