My New Dye Job: Clairol Focuses Attention on Professional Color

Now that I'm no longer a slave to my Great Length hair extensions (which I was obsessed with, but their time was up), I'm trying a ton of new things with my real hair.  Since I came home from Aruba I've been sporting a sinful look of red-tinged roots that in the winter months grow in mousy brown, but thanks to the sun I was blessed with beyond ugly.  Ew! Therefore, last week I visited the Mizu Salon in NYC to test out Clairol's upgraded professional dyes.  I've been dying my hair to darker shades of brown since the beginning of time mixing between at-home hair dyes and salon visits.  I've tried Clairol's Natural Instincts at-home color kits, but never their in-salon services.

Senior Colorist, Nico Scibelli, used the Clairol Professional Liquicolor Permanente in a dark chocolate brown shade on my roots and applied a gloss to my whole head afterwards.  The result: incredible shine, super soft hair and rich color.

"These dyes work exactly how they did years ago so there are no real surprises to the client," says Scibelli.  "The great thing is that they are vamped up, more conditioning, better for the hair, but don't offer any tonal surprises so Clairol fans know what they're in for."

Instead of wheat being one of the main ingredients in the dye, Clairol is using a soy based complex. So far I'm impressed with the results.  My hair truly looks and feels great.  Check out Mizu Salon in NYC to try Clairol Professional dyes or find a salon near you.

See pics of my nasty roots after the jump!

Mizu Salon, 505 Park Ave., New York, NY 10022