Now You Can Have A "Stylist" At Your Fingertips, Literally

Wish you had a stylist at your finger tips daily?  Damn, I do.  I asked Mark Garrison a few weeks ago when he cut my friends hair for Pantene if he styles his girlfriend's hair every day.  At first I was jealous of her, to be dating a stylist, but after listening to his answer, I was super jealous!  He said no.  His reason – she wakes up with gorgeous, non-frizzy, smooth hair daily so he doesn't even need to touch it. Well, for those of us who don't wake up like that and are affected by everything from damage, the weather and just a simple bad hair day, there's hope  – yes, at your finger tips.  Brilliant Color and Beauty Today Local Hair Day Forecast just launched!  So what is it?  Put in your hair type and zip code and it gives you a styling tip based on the weather.  How's that for a weather man?

Here was my hair diagnosis for today:

High 57 F      Low    53 F

0% rain 83% humidity

Today's Hair Forecast

In humid weather, try using as few styling products as possible to avoid weighing down your hair. For a clean, fresh look, use a light volumizing spray to add lift to the roots, and leave the rest of your hair product-free.

*This is a sponsored post.